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Any Rotg blogs, especially Tooth blogs do me a favor and send love to Guardianofbelief

She has a dentist appointment today and it’s a very big stresser for her. If anyone could tell her they’re proud of her for doing it that would be cool.

Would you like to rp?

I’d love to, but I’m gonna be away from my computer for a few days. Once everything slows down at work, I’ll have more time to talk. Lemme know when you’re free and we’ll brainstorm some interaction ideas.

{Hey, friend, I am here to give you hugs. (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')> (>'-')>

Oh my god thank you hon! You are so sweet!


Mun has the best friends. Thank you darling!

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Random silly thought of the day: other spirits/deities etc. having shipping wars over Pitch and the Guardians.

I have Cupid actively shipping them in one of my fics.

I blame Yarra

I blame you. While working at the zoo I told guests we had a werewolf enclosure. Street magik au all the way.

*vibrates* Are you interested in Celtic myth?



I’m interested in any and all myths of course I can rarely keep origins straight these days I really should make a chart or somethin

I found out that the Sun God of Celtic myth, Lugh, got demoted to be a Leprechaun when Christianity became big in Ireland. I found that hilarious.

Oh my god that is so helpful for my rotg headcanons too…ehhhheee

Where did you find this out? Share!

Whats your interpretation of the Fairy People?

Do you mean the Sidhe? or the Fae no you must mean the sprites.

Fairy is a very broad term, covering many different species and genus of supernatural beings.

You have the Sidhe also known as the Elves comprising of the Aoi and Un, Aoi are the traditional light aligned and the Un are the dark aligned but make no mistake in believing that either is wholly good or evil. Both are tall and ethereal and comprise a court. Mab controls the Unsidhe and Oberon and Titania rule the Sidhe. 

The tiny winged individuals are the fairies. Wild and lively they sometimes form large groups but not often. They are omnivorous consuming mostly fruit and bugs. The size and shape of their wings, very greatly due to location. Highly territorial and they have been documented swooping down on individuals that get to close to their nesting sites.

Sprites are elemental fae of varying shapes and sizes, Gnomes, Naiads and Sylphs fall under this category. 

Pixies are fae larger than fairies but smaller than the Sidhe. They are mostly tricksters and can be soothed with honey, milk or whiskey.


New meme: ask me my thoughts about various mythological creatures and beings, headcanons, ideas, opinions on certain interpretations, whatever


A doodle gift for rimeoffrost <3 I know you and I havent spoken personally but I know you are very much loved in this fandom, so heres Jack for you!

I know we don’t interact, but I’ve seen what you’ve done for my sister, in terms of being an amazing friend and a font of support. I really do appreciate this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.

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