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A doodle gift for rimeoffrost <3 I know you and I havent spoken personally but I know you are very much loved in this fandom, so heres Jack for you!

I know we don’t interact, but I’ve seen what you’ve done for my sister, in terms of being an amazing friend and a font of support. I really do appreciate this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.

ion draws your OC/muse


a lot of users ask me to consider drawing their OC/muse from time to time and I’m very picky when it comes to this so I’ve decided to hold a small raffle for my friends and follows.

reblog this post with a reference of your OC or muse (preferably full body with colours) or a decent physical description (not a bio) and after a few days i’ll choose a user by random generator and draw and colour their OC/muse for them for free c:

- you must reblog this with info/ref of your OC or muse to enter
- you must be following me (this is a raffle for my follows after all :D)
- you can reblog as much as you want
- likes don’t count
- no fanmail or messages pls
- keep your message box open so I can contact you if you win!
- if you have any questions, pls ask me!

ends: idk in a week? so by the 20th of sept.

good luck! I look forward to seeing your OCs and muses!!!!


Trick is the elder sister and Treat being the brother. Both are in tunics, Trick’s is black with and orange sash and Treat is just the opposite, but Trick’s is longer. Treat also wears black pants. He has a dagger with a bat in the handle. Both wear a pumpkin necklace and brown boots


I recently reached the 200 follower mark, and as a thank you to all you lovely people, I’ve decided to host a little art giveaway :)


THREE WINNERS will be chosen randomly with a number generator. 

First prize will win a full color character painting (can be a preexisting character or one of your own invention!)

Second Prize will win full color character chibi (any character you like!)

Third Prize will win a character sketch (again, any character is fine)

Here’s what you can do to win!

1. Must be following my blog

2. Must reblog this post at least once (the more you reblog, the higher your chances of winning!)

And that’s it :)

Good luck to everyone! And thank you all for following my blog <3


The Deadline to participate in this Giveaway is November 30th. Winners will be contacted directly by me. 

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Anyone have that really good rp that hints at shipping but then dies before the characters get anywhere? 

Story of my life

Both times were lovely Pitch Black blogs that both no longer exist.

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1. Favorite food?

Sushi, Mangos, Potatoes, Rare meat,

2. If you could be anything for Halloween what would it be?

Mermaid. That’s a costume I’ve never tried before.

3. You have the chance to write and direct a sequel to your favorite movie. What’s the movie, and what’s the title of your sequel?

Rise of the Guardians: Shadow of Belief

4. What element do you bend and why?

Wind, Flying would be the bees knees. Plus Air is a very persuasive element? 

5. Given the chance, what celebrity would you go on a date with?

Chris Pine. But it would be a labor of love and I’d tried to get him to say stuff that Jack would.

6. What’s your patronus?

Wolf. Mostly due to my ferocity and loyalty.

7. Disney or DreamWorks?

Dreamworks. They’re animation and stories are a constant delight. Disney just makes me feel empty after I watch any of their new movies.

8. If you could spend a month in another country, where would you go?

Japan, hopefully the immersion would help me with my practice.

9. Would you rather have endless wealth, or immortality?

Endless Wealth, because then I could shower my dear ones with everything they need and then go to school for animating.

10. Night or Day?

Night. I love the stars and the moon and how chill the world gets at night.


1 Best video game world?

2 Whats the last thing you ate?

3 If home is where your heart is, where is your heart?

4 Dream Car?

5 Coke or Pepsi?

6 Cat, Dog or Other?

7 What item have you kept from your childhood

8 Biggest Fear?

9 Last thing that made you mad?

10 Favorite song in the world?

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I know life does butt in quite alot. Hope everything is going well for you and I will gladly wait until you’ve got time.


You are always welcome to shoot me stuff. 

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Alright darling partners. are you still interested in rping with me? Give me a shout if you are.

Tooth for a Tooth


Pitch hummed thoughtfully. “The fairy…I mean, Toothiana.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I know for a fact she has her relic on display, but most of the time she’s not paying attention to it. It’s like…a small light cube.” He shook his head and stood shakily. “Unfortunately, I can’t…go with you. It will be too suspicious if we are caught.”

Don’t leave me alone. 

Jack wanted to ask but the words caught in his throat. He was doing something that the Guardians wouldn’t like at Pitch’s request, and Pitch wasn’t going to be there to back him up if something happened.

"I’ll need some kind of back up." He answered quietly. Tooth wouldn’t be too mad at him for snooping but he wanted to avoid any kind of confrontation altogether.

"I can’t do it alone." He said. 

I don’t want to be alone went entirely unspoken.

My headcanon is that the children keep it all to themselves as a special secret they share. The group stays pretty tight knit as the years go on, but slowly their memories of that day start to fade, even more so when they near adulthood and are preoccupied by college and careers and the group begins to disperse. And, along those lines, I imagined that even Jamie would inevitably put his childhood behind him and move on with life, which puts a rift in his friendship with Jack.

I love this. The idea that the kids hold on to their belief as long as possible warms my heart. Although the gradual fading and drifting apart hurts me more than words can ever say. And Jack standing in the aftermath is a subject of bitterness my blog will eventually touch on at some point.

[shame sign: i smell like icecream bUT I WONT LET THE ELVES LICK ME] - submitted by elves

Oh not even funny… You Doodles don’t even try. Keep that slimy little tongue off of me. And I don’t smell like ice cream. North smells like cookie and Bunny smells like chocolate go lick them!

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